What Are The Oldest Military Academies In The United States?

map-of-oldest-academies-825x510Military schools are essential to the success of some nations. Not only do they provide potential soldiers and officers for the defense of a nation, but even in peacetime and the civilian realm, they produce confident and capable young leaders.

Ever wonder what the oldest military academies in the United States are? It would appear that West Point and VMI are the contenders.

West Point is also known as the United States Military Academy, a training school for Army recruits and officers. Its founders included George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, as it dates back to 1802.

The campus itself is not just home to future soldiers, but also the oldest Army museum and a number of historic monuments, buildings and sites. There is even a large visitor center to accommodate the fact that the location is a tourist destination.
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What You Need To Know About Collision Car Insurance Coverage

car-insurance-quotes-for-all-driversIt can be difficult navigating the world of car insurance. You have to think about your deductibles, your liability coverage and whether or not you need uninsured driver coverage. The choices can seem overwhelming because you don’t want to accidentally leave anything out and end up not being covered when you need it the most. Read on to learn about collision car insurance coverage and why you need it.

While liability insurance is required by law, the other coverage levels are optional. You might be tempted to just stick with liability and avoid the other coverage types to save money. This is a bad idea for many reasons.
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